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Shhh...Quiet As Kept

$ 12 USD

Are lies really worth being told when the truth can set you free? People from all different walks of life tell lies to secure their personal feelings and to cover up the truth that may be painful. Many have deep dark secrets better known as skeletons in their closet; but what happens in the dark shall come to the light. No matter how many years it may take, the truth is bound to surface sooner or later. How do we handle our past showing up unexpectedly in the present? Will the truth be revealed or will it remain 


$ 25 USD


Under the Freeway is a powerful musical stage play depicting the authenticity of the consequences of life’s decisions. You will be exposed to love, laughter, pain and truth that is in this community of people. Like the “Son of man had nowhere to lay his head”, many people who are homeless have nowhere to lay theirs. Come hangout Under the Freeway, be entertained, experience reality,and see if there is a way out.